Afrikologist thought experiments for leaders navigating from ego-ism to eco-ism

“Musa offers you a uniquely South African love story that has a global trajectory. It traverses the personal, the professional, and the political terrain. Geographically, the protagonists Motho Fela (Gert du Toit) and Kholofelo (Sekwati) are strongly rooted in the mining towns of the Witwatersrand and villages of Limpopo. As their relationship and professional lives evolve over decades so expands their world view and their inter-continental, intellectual and activist engagement in global issues, especially on land; the geo-politics around the question of water and the environment. Motho Fela, over the years, becomes the cross-pollinating Afrikologist, modelling the leadership approach that Nxumalo advocates in his capacity as a coach.” – Dr Helena Dolny, Grey Matters

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Knowledge Connections has embarked on a rigorous research process aimed at unearthing the classic African Leadership philosophies, values and principles that have long been buried and forgotten about. We have polished them up, and repurposed them for current business leadership challenges facing Business Leaders globally.

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The engine of every business is Sales. If the Sales Team is slacking off, it affects the bottom line, and everyone suffers. At Knowledge Connections we tailored up unique coaching processes to enable Sales Teams to be transformed into Unstoppable Sales Forces, by engaging with them in practical ways that get them to dial up on their core drivers and key triggers to up their sales and performance game.

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It is quite common in Human Capital Development circles to find people frustrated with the notion of a revolving door, and the biggest elephant in the room being the unwelcoming & hostile culture in the organisation. We partner with organisations in co-creating a conducive environment for all teams; leaders and all other stakeholders to get the best that the organisation has to offer, in a mindful and inclusive manner, using tried and tested methodologies and tools for maximum output.

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As Knowledge Connections, we believe everyone, regardless of their station in life, can design the life that they have always wanted for themselves, if given the proper guidance and tools to take them through the intricate creation processes. Re-imagining yourself is something that all of us can do, with the right coach on your side. We deal mainly with Business Leaders; Entrepreneurs and Students, both at High School and Tertiary Institutions.

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In most cases, the question of Team Cohesion is an elaborate cut and paste process, where the consultants come in and use one size fits all interventions. We do not do that. We start with helping leaders ‘shine the light’ on all the spaces in the organisation, on all levels, in a 360 degree format, so that as a starting point we are all aware of where everything is, and are then best positioned to engage on a collaborative process of aligning everyone to a congruent organizational system and flow.

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Between stimulus and response, there is a space, in that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom

Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


Our Coaching Practice is anchored on Classic African Philosophies & Principles

We are the only Coaching Firm whose principles and values draw from the strengths hidden in the classic African Leadership Philosophies. We have embarked on a trailblazing process of bringing to the forth qualities that leaders can tap into, when designing their leadership styles, for a fresh approach to corporate governance and leadership, such as – Servant Leadership; A Social & Collaborative Approach; Leaders with No Tittles et cetera.

Our Tools are the Best in the Field

All our programs use cutting edge, tried and tested tools that have disrupted traditional spaces and have enabled leaders globally to respond to the winds of change sweeping through the workplace, in a more intentional and conscious way, for a mindful and inclusive approach to leadership. We use Design Thinking principles; Theory U as developed by the Presencing Institute; for Profiling and Diagnosis we use Thornhill’s 360 degree survey and Lumina Spark, respectively; and for maximum results and to wrap it all up in a contextual way, we then package it within the Art of Storytelling.

Our Interventions are Tailored Specifically for each client, and are Cost Effective

We designed our programs and materials to be efficiently and cost-effectively adaptable to all our clients’ needs, without compromising on the quality and integrity of the coaching solutions we provide. We take a broader and more holistic view of the factors influencing the desired changes, and help clients develop and execute the strategies and processes that bring lasting results.

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